Dos and Don’ts in the Hands-On NetApp Group

These are the rules for the Hands-on NetApp telegram group. This group is for NetApp engineers & admins only. This chat does not represent official NetApp company.

To keep the community helpful and friendly, all members must follow these rules:

* Ban
~ Warning


  • * Technical discussions only!
  • * No piracy:
    • Distribution of pirated serial numbers, licenses, distributions of books, etc.
  • * Exam dumps
    • Prohibited to share exam dumps, etc. After all in the chat we have many NetApp IDW, SME people & instructors who actually wrote those NCDA, NCIE etc. exams, so don’t expect us to share them. Even intention of sending piracy in Personal Message is enough reason for a ban.
  • * It is forbidden to publicly discuss the moderation policy
    • Write a direct message privately to admins instead
  • * Public discussion of moderator(s) is(are) right / wrong automatically deprives you of the right to appeal
  • * No spam
  • * No NSFW (Not Safe/Suitable for Work)
  • * This is not the place for people from other vendors or those who are not familiar with NetApp technology
  • ~ English only please
  • ~ Google it first, seriously!
  • ~ Do your own homework first and put some efforts into your question!
  • ~ The group is not the place for “FUD”, Flooding, News discussion, “Holly wars”
  • ~ No promotions / advertising / recruiting / job posts
  • ~ This is not the place to share or ask quotes or prices
  • ~ Be respectful: Personal attacks and insults are prohibited
  • ~ Discussion of politics / religion are prohibited
  • ~ Any discussion (including anecdotes) of differences based on gender / nationality / sexual orientation / passport / skin color / race / species is prohibited
  • ~ Don’t forward from other channels
  • ~ Don’t send links to other channels/groups
  • ~ Only related to group topic
  • ~ Don’t take photo of code / logs
  • ~ Don’t paste long code / logs. Use one of these:
  • ~ Make sure people understand what you are asking. Make some effort, write your question thoroughly & qualitatively think 🤔💬. Read How to Write a Technical Question?
  • ~ Too many messages or posting each word in a separate message. Try not to type a few words in each message, producing many separate and small messages. Each message = a notification to other people in this group. We don’t want to bother people too much with 🔔. Otherwise, they will stop monitoring them all together. Here is what to do: if you haven’t typed yet, think 🤔💭 first and type all at once into a single post. If you already send the message, then edit it by pressing on the message and wait for the context menu to appear, then press EDIT and add your text.
  • * For Supporting War in Ukraine, Supporting #AdolfPutin, or seeking to justify the war in Ukraine – Permanent Ban


I want to design this chat so that if someone types something, it’s relevant, engaging, meaningful, and understandable. If it’s a question, it should be a quality question, and you put some time and effort into writing it. This chat is not going to be flooded with some reactive meaningless 💬. If someone gets a 🔔, they would know it’s important, relevant, and valuable, don’t bother with millions of 🔔 with garbage information.

Any rules can be changed at any time without prior notification.
Any advertising /recruiting /job posts MUST be approved with @qdrddr.

Short link to this article is here.