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How to ask for help with a Technical issue

  1. Do your own homework first.
  2. Write to the group the same way as if you open a support case with a vendor.
  3. Write a draft in a word document first before posting your question to the group.
  4. Read it and make sure another person who will be reading it will have everything to help you.
  5. For non-native (English) speakers: Make sure your English is good enough, use Grammarly
  6. Remember: Shit in – Shit out. So write your question thoroughly & qualitatively. And believe me you want a quality answer when you work with a storage system.

Make sure you provided necessary information:

  • Apply structured data collection to assure that submitted case is complete
  • Your ideas what the issue might be
  • Share steps you have taken already to solve the issue
  • Articles you were reading and point to the useful paragraphs that did or didn’t help
  • Names of your products
  • Version of software you are using
  • Capture output & errors on
    • Post some Screenshots
    • Logs

If you don’t want to invest your time in writing your question thoroughly, qualitatively and help others understand it, why someone would want to help you?

Spelling with Grammarly & English Language

For non-native (English) speakers, I would strongly recommend Grammarly Keyboard / Extension.
You can install Grammarly as an app on your iOS/Android phone & set up a Grammarly keyboard or as Chrome/Edge Extension; the Free version will check & correct your spelling. Or, please at least use Telegram build-in grammar check. Please help us to help you.

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