What you might miss about NetApp from Aug-Nov 2019, including Insight in Las Vegas? Part 9


With Grafana you can visualize performance, space & other metrics from ONTAP & Unified Manager stored in Graphite. Download v2.5.1 (2019-09-08).

Harvest 1.6:

NetApp Harvest collects data from ONTAP & Unified Manager and sends it over to Graphite. Harvest is part of NABox.

  • Harvest Extension Manager
    • Extension for NFS connections
    • Extension for SnapMirror replications
    • Extension templates for Perl, Python, Bash
  • FlexGroup capacity metrics
  • AutoSupport logging with Harvest statistics
  • Non-critical bug fixed in plugin cdot-iscsi-lif
  • Harvest 1.6

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All announcements from Aug-Nov 2019

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