What you might miss about NetApp from Aug-Nov 2019, including Insight in Las Vegas? Part 10

SaaS Backup

SaaS backup for Salesforce

Now available in Salesforce marketplace

Cloud Volumes

  • Azure NetApp Files certified for AzureGov region and FedRAMP
  • SAP HANA now certified on ANF
  • Kerberos and ACL for Azure NetApp Files (ANF) and Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) with NFS v4.1
  • Cloud Manager supports NKS & Cloud Compliance
  • Cloud Manager to Deploy Trident and Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) in GCP
  • Cloud Volumes Services in GCP
  • Azure VMware Solution with Azure NetApp Files (ANF)
  • VMware Cloud on AWS with CVS & CVO

Cloud Volumes On-Premises

  • Cloud Volumes Service On-Premises
  • Cloud Volumes on HCI

Cloud Compliance

Cloud Compliance is a file classification tool for industry compliance, privacy regulations across clouds. License is free, you are paying only for running VM in your cloud provider.

  • File classification & privacy risk tool for Cloud Volumes
  • License is free, you pay to your Cloud Provider for running additional VM
  • Credit Cards, IBAN, Emails, SSN, TIM, EIN, etc

Cloud Insights

It is a monitoring tool for cloud & on-prem infrastructure, containers & different vendors, and is free with basic edition to all NetApp customers. Cloud insights available as SaaS service, no installation & configuration needed. So here is what’s new:

  • Kubernetes Technology
  • Cloud Secure now is part of Cloud Insights
  • Active IQ integration

Cloud Secure

Thanks to self-learning AI identifies baseline file access and actively blocks & notifies unusual activities with your files against insider threats and external breaches. Cloud Secure monitor, secure, optimize across hybrid multi-cloud

  • It is a feature of Cloud Insights Premium edition
  • Monitor file activities at CVO & on-prem ONTAP for unusual activities

NetApp Kubernetes Services (NKS)

At start NKS was available in public clouds, then NetApp added NKS to on-prem NetApp HCI. And on VMworld 2019 in Las Vegas, before Insight 2019 NetApp announced NKS on VMware (no NetApp HCI platform needed).


New in NetApp HCI:

Two performance tests for HCI:

  1. IOmark-VM-HC: 5 storage & 18 compute nodes using data stores & VVols
  2. IOmark-VDI-HC: 5 storage nodes & 12 compute nodes with only data stores

Total 1,440 VMs with 3,200 VDI desktops.

Notice how asymmetrical number of storage nodes compared to compute nodes are, and in “Real” HCI architectures with local disk drives you have to have more equipment, while with NetApp HCI you can choose how much storage and how much compute resources you need and scale them separately. Dedup & compression were enabled in the tests.

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Announcements from Aug-Nov 2019

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